Mississippi Pictures
DSCN1331.jpg Nice Garage Door

DSCN1333.jpg Rubble before
DSCN1334.jpg Closeup of
rubble on floor
DSCN1335.jpg What a great
kitchen, eh?
DSCN1337.jpgSofa blown out
onto golf course
DSCN1338.jpg Cleaned out
rubble pile
DSCN1340.jpg Mike after a
job well done
DSCN1341.jpg Mostly cleaned
up kitchen
DSCN1342.jpg Ingrid at
end of day
Tim at
end of day
DSCN1344.jpg Tim resting on
cleaned out rubble
DSCN1346.jpg At the Distribution Center
DSCN1349.jpg Cars lined up
for food
DSCN1350.jpg Runners getting
food for people
DSCN1351.jpg More tarps
for the leaky roof
DSCN1352.jpg Table of
non-food supplies
DSCN1353.jpg Tim at the end
of the day
DSCN1354.jpg Ingrid back at
"Tornado" house
DSCN1355.jpg Final trash heap
after two days
Washing machine
filled with muck
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