Pictures taken while on Kilimanjaro Climb/Safari:

Disclaimer: These pictures are digitally edited due to problems with my camera and poor picture taking.  You get what you pay for.  Camera was an older Olympus Stylus with zoom.

Pictures of Amsterdam before Climb

Cheese Tour -  kpic1-4

Wooden shoe Equipment -  kpic1-5

Windmill -  kpic1-6

Pictures During Climb

Warren Storkman organizing gear in Amsterdam -  kpic1-14

Climbers waiting in Amsterdam to board plane-  kpic1-15

Bus at Kilimanjaro Airport with equipment on top -  kpic1-16

People outside dining hall at Marangu Hotel - kpic1-20

Relaxing at Marangu Hotel -  kpic1-23

Gamow Bag with Steve Eckert Inside -  kpic1-25

Waterfall on Moshi walking tour -  kpic1-27

Lutheran Church on Moshi walking tour -  kpic1-28

Dinner at Marangu Hotel -  kpic1-30

Washing Clothes at Marangu Hotel -  kpic1-34

Evening Briefing before climb with Seamus atMarangu Hotel -  kpic1-35

Breakfast before the climb at Marangu -  kpic1-36

Porters lining up at Marangu before climb - kpic2-2

Kitchen equipment lined up at Marangu beforeclimb -  kpic2-4

Campers at Machame Hut -  kpic2-8

Dining tent at Machame Hut camp (Ted, Pete)- kpic2-9

Campsite at Shira Hut with cave in background-  kpic2-15

Kilimanjaro from Shira Hut camp -  kpic2-17

Sunrise view from Tent at Shira Hut -  kpic2-18

Stuart Nelson successfully using toilet tentat Barranco -  kpic2-22

View of Kilimanjaro from Barranco Hut camp - kpic2-23

Guides serving morning tea at Barranco Hut - kpic2-24

Steep trail up to Barafu Hut - kpic3-2

Looking down steep trail from Barranco Hut - kpic3-3

Climbers at top of "the Wall" en route to Barafu-  kpic3-4

Barafu Hut camp with Kilimanjaro in background-  kpic3-8

Climbers ascending on summit day in the dark- kpic3-10

Climbers taking a break during summit climb - kpic3-11

At Uhuru summit peak with sign -  kpic3-13

Smaller peak viewed from Barafu Hut -  kpic3-16

Beer enjoyed after decending to Mweka Hut camp-  kpic3-17

Group photo of climbers resting at takeout point- kpic3-21

Riding the open air bus back to Marangu Hotel-  kpic3-23

Pictures During Safari

"Optimizing Transportation" in Arusha - kpic4-1

Loading up Land Rovers in Arusha for Safari (Steve Eckert) -  kpic4-6

Driving through Arusha before Safari -  kpic4-8

Baboons with young at Lake Manyara Park -  kpic4-22

Eating dinner at Gibbs Farm (Steve, Warren and Dixie) -  kpic4-24

Preparing to enter Ngorogoro Crater -  kpic5-2

Zebras at Ngorogoro Crater -  kpic5-5

Flamingos at Ngorogoro Crater - kpic5-7

Closeup wildebeeste at Ngorogoro -  kpic5-12

Rhino at Ngorogoro Crater -  kpic5-14

Lunch area at Ngorogoro Crater -  kpic5-15

Choir at Massai village -  kpic5-17

Vultures devouring a zebra at Ndutu -  kpic5-23

Lionesse resting in Serengeti -  kpic5-33

Cheetah with kill in Serengeti -  kpic5-36

Hyena covering its den -  kpic6-1

Giraffe in Serengeti - kpic6-3

Hippos at Hippo Pond in Serengeti -  kpic6-4

Cape Buffalo in Serengeti -  kpic6-5

Elephant in Serengeti - kpic6-7

Lions playing tug-o-war with kill while Hyena looks on - kpic6-10

Male Lion resting on a rock -  kpic6-12

Pictures of People on the Trip

Tim Kutscha at SeaTac Airport before Trip -  kpic1-2

Tourist in Amsterdam with Pigeon on Shoulder-  kpic1-9

Stuart Nelson and Ron Perkins at Marangu Hotel-  kpic1-19

Ishmael (assistant hiking guide) and Tim Kutscha in Moshi -  kpic1-26

Richard Vassar and Peter Wijeratne at Marangu Hotel -  kpic1-32

Robert Evans relaxing before Climb at Marangu Hotel-  kpic2-1

Steve and Rebecca Eckert at Marangu before climb -  kpic2-3

Josephat (Porter) and Tim Kutscha just before climb - kpic 2-5

Steve Eckert contemplating dinner at Machame Hut -  kpic 2-7

Bill and Leanne Weinstein climbing to Shira Hut -  kpic2-11

Tim Kutscha and Ray Morris climbing to Shira Hut -  kpic2-12

Ron Perkins enjoying view on way to Shira Hut -  kpic2-13

Tim Kutscha in front of lava tower going to Barranco -  kpic2-21

Tim Kutscha at the top of "the wall" en route to Barafu -  kpic3-5

Stuart Nelson and Tim Kutscha inside tent at Barafu -  kpic3-6

Stuart Nelson at Stella Point before going to summit -  kpic3-12

Enrique Rodriguez at Barafu Hut after climb -  kpic3-15

Stuart Nelson and Tim Kutscha after climb, before cleaning up at Marangu Hotel - kpic3-24

Hailen Mak in Land Rover before Safari -  kpic4-3

Francoise Mertz and Tim Kutscha in Land Rover before Safari -  kpic4-5

Ted Raczek enjoying vew out of Land Rover at Lake Manyara-  kpic4-13

Tim Kutscha at Ngorogoro Crater - kpic5-1

Bill and Leanne Weinstein in Rover at Ngorogoro Crater -  kpic5-9

Tim Kutscha with Massai warriors in Massai village -  kpic5-21

Bogo (driver) near the Ndutu lodge -  kpic5-26

Bill Weinstein on top of Rover at Ndutu -  kpic5-27

Tim Kutscha dirty at end of Safari -  kpic6-13

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